Hillstone Jungle Resort Dandeli

Experience Dandeli’s natural beauty at Hillstone Jungle Resort.

Nestled amidst Dandeli’s lush greenery and alongside a serene water stream, Hillstone Jungle Resort stands as the epitome of tranquilly and luxury. Our resort, offering a perfect blend of Dandeli’s pristine landscapes and upscale amenities, is your gateway to an unforgettable escape.

Family Retreats: Strengthening Bonds at Hillstone

Family is the cornerstone of our lives, and recognising the importance of these cherished connections is crucial. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted a selection of family outing packages that celebrate the love shared among family members, creating moments that last a lifetime.

Hil Stone Jungle Resort Dandeli

Why Choose Our Family Outing Packages?

1. Reconnect with Nature: Our resort is a sanctuary where families can immerse themselves in the breathtaking wilderness of Dandeli.

2. Luxury and Comfort: Hillstone offers an array of well-appointed accommodations, including homestays and resorts with swimming pools, ensuring a comfortable stay tailored to your preferences.

3. Adventure Beckons: For adventure enthusiasts, Dandeli is synonymous with river rafting, and our packages include thrilling experiences like this, all under the expert guidance of our seasoned team.

4. Gastronomic Delights: Savour an array of delectable dishes at our in-house restaurant, made from locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy your meals amidst the lush surroundings, creating a truly immersive dining experience.

5. Eco-Friendly Sanctuary: Hillstone is committed to eco-tourism, and our eco-friendly practices ensure the preservation of Dandeli’s pristine environment for future generations.

Create cherished memories with Hillstone.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, a serene escape, or a family getaway, Hillstone Jungle Resort Dandeli offers the perfect setting. Let us host your family’s memorable journey into the enchanting wilderness of Dandeli. Book your family outing package today and celebrate the love that binds your family together, all while enjoying the comfort and amenities of our homestays and resorts with swimming pools.


    Please note the following:

    1. For booking Rs. 1000, an advance amount has to be paid to the bank account.
    2. Children under the age of 5 are welcome at no additional charge.
    3. For children aged between 5 and 10 years, there is a 50% fee.
    4. Children aged 10 years and older are considered adults and will be charged the full rate.
    5. Sightseeing and transportation are not included in the package.
    6. If transportation is needed, additional charges apply.
    7. Please be aware that there are no cancellation refunds; once booked, the amount is non-refundable. If guests want to prepone or postpone the dates, that is acceptable.


      2-Day, 1-Night Package (Approximately 23 Hours)

      Check-In: 12:00 PM
      Check-Out: 11:00 AM

      inclusive of 3 meals:

      Breakfast (choice of):

      • Idli with Sambar
      • Poha
      • Bread with Jam
      • Tea or coffee
      • Puri with Bhaji
      • Upma

      Lunch Buffet (Unlimited, Vegetarian, and Non-Vegetarian):

      • Salad
      • Curd
      • Chapati
      • 2 Types of Vegetable Sabji
      • White Rice
      • Jeera Rice
      • Dal
      • Sweet
      • Egg Masala

      Dinner Buffet (Unlimited, Vegetarian, and Non-Vegetarian):

      • Salad
      • Chapati
      • 2 Types of Vegetable Sabji
      • White Rice
      • Masala Rice
      • Dal
      • Chicken Curry

      Evening Refreshments: Tea or coffee

      Enjoy 10 indoor activities:

      • Morning Nature Walk
      • Bonfire/Campfire
      • Rain Dance
      • swimming pool
      • Carrom
      • Archery
      • Dartboard
      • Skipping
      • Volleyball
      • Basketball
      • Cricket
      • Badminton
      • Chess
      • Ludo

      Adventure with Free Water Sports:

      • Boating
      • Kayaking

      Explore 4 sightseeing spots (tickets not included):

      • Maulangi Eco Park
      • Backwater
      • Disney Park
      • Crocodile Park

      Note: All activities and meals are included in the package.